About Us

Precision Textile Color has been creating custom color since our opening day in 2005. Advancements in technology allowed us to improve the way we created color, and the path to the Sophicolor Collections was a ‘digital’ one. In the years since we have created thousands of colors, collecting the spectral reflectance data with our spectrophotometer, and it quickly became apparent that new color libraries could be created from our existing work product. Using our ChromaShare Internet-based color management system ‘Smart Client’ we measured 6000+ colors, and culled them down to 4500 unique colors that are the Sophicolor Collections.

Available in 3 collections of 1500 colors, Earthen, Celestial, and Botanical. Sophicolor Collections are presented in archival quality box sets or index books that can be purchased separately. Sophicolor selections are available for purchase individually via the client account page along with our Adopt-A-Color vendor online swatch ordering.